Shenzhen, neighboring Hong Kong, is located on the eastern bank of the Pearl River. A picturesque modern coastal city on the southern tip of Mainland China, Shenzhen has not only fast economic and social development, but also harmony between human and nature.

As China’s first special economic zone, Shenzhen is regarded as an innovative pioneer for China’s reforms and opening-up policy. In merely 35 years, Shenzhen successfully transformed from a tiny fishing village to a modern metropolis with an impressive GDP per capita topping the list of Chinese cities. Now, Shenzhen has become one of the metropolises in the Pearl River Delta region, an economic powerhouse of China, and the largest manufacturing base of the world. These are remarkable achievements in the history of world urbanization, industrialization and modernization.

Moreover, Shenzhen is highly internationalized. Established as China’s first special economic zone in 1980, Shenzhen began to open up and gradually became one of China’s major gateways to the outside world. Nowadays, Shenzhen has the world’s fourth largest container port and the fourth largest airport of Mainland China. These include China’s largest land passenger port and land cargo port. Meanwhile, this city is a popular tourist destination in South China. The 26th Universiade was held here in 2011 attracting tens of thousands of athletes and visitors to the city.

Shenzhen is also a city of culture and compassion. Despite of its long history of more than 5,000 years, Shenzhen only in the last 35 years, it has created a migrant culture and an inspiring spirit of “encouraging innovation and pursuing excellence”. Shenzhen also created and promoted a grass root volunteer culture. There are about 530,000 volunteers in various fields of activity.

Shenzhen, energetically prepares to meet the world and enthusiastically welcomes your arrival!